Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Trip Blog Ends Abruptly

(Catching Up on February 20-24, 2008)

It seems that halfway through our trip last February, I stopped writing this blog, and never got back to it! Just in case anyone comes back to read from here on, we DID have a nice week. We finished up our trip by heading north to Atlanta. We had a nice adventure attempting to find a MARTA station with a parking lot which could accommodate Mo, with no success. But I had a brainstorm--we did (as we drove round and round) find a Home Depot lot only about 1/4 mile from a station. So we parked Mo and Roxy at the Home Depot, and took a train ride from the beltway around Atlanta into the city, eventually making our way to the Center for Puppetry Arts Museum. It was very interesting--we especially enjoyed the special Jim Henson exhibit.

Ernie (above) , and the Swedish Chef and Doctor Teeth (below)

From there we went an hour or so north, and spent the night at Tugaloo State Park, another gorgeous park in the Georgia state park system. We had a site with a wonderful view of the lake, which sad to say was unusually low due to the drought that has been plaguing the southeast US. We were especially lucky to be there that night because we witnessed a FULL eclipse of the moon, with no ambient light to diminish the sight. Wow, it was just amazing. We stood at the edge of the lake watching the moon disappear, and it was simply magical.

The next day we drove up to our last park stop, Tallulah Gorge State Park. We hiked a short trail to the edge of the gorge and looked down 1,000 feet at the rapids below us. I wished we had a little more time, and better weather (it was drizzly all day); if we'd had time I would have suggested we hike down and try out the suspension bridge. But we made do with looking at it way below us.

Tallulah Gorge

From Tallulah Gorge, we headed up to Miracle Farm in Floyd, VA, where we had a lovely couple of days with Eddie and Karen before heading home again. I'd hoped for better weather, but it WAS February after all. And I had wanted to try some winter camping--this was wintery enough. We came home with new Mo-related chores, most especially a decision to make regarding our propane furnace--should we replace it, or what? As I write this update in May, still no decision. But Joe has since replaced the water system inside Mo, so we hope to no longer have occasional hose leaks. And now we can look forward to our next adventure...