Friday, September 5, 2008

Departure Day (I hope)

So here it is, Friday, and I am typing this from home rather than from the road.

It seems we are not quite ready to leave yet, despite our best hopes. Joe still has a "few" things to do: two nursing home visits, two house calls, a stop at the hospital, yesterday's dictation, and a small pile of paperwork he didn't finish yet, all before he is officially "flat". He says he THINKS he'll be done by noon. I believe he was out of here at 5:30ish this morning, perhaps even earlier, to get started.

Meanwhile Mo is still at the office, rather than in front of the house getting packed. So all our clothes are sitting in bags waiting to be transported out to the RV. And of course there is a box of "stuff" (books, maps, CDs, magazines, electronic gadgets and the chargers, cables and whatever that go with them, the camera...and a lot of odds and ends), and miscellaneous refrigerated food items. I did do a big grocery run yesterday to start us off with everything we need, and I was smart enough to stop at the office and simply transfer the groceries into the RV (the refrigerator was already hooked up and cooled down) so I skipped at step by not bringing the new groceries home. But oh well, there is still a lot to do before we actually get to leave.

And oh, yeah... Did I mention the dog rolled in something yesterday, and needs an emergency bath??

For anyone who thinks it is actually EASIER to travel with an RV.... it might be, once you are on the road. But the packing is WAY more than the usual suitcase. (Note to self: Don't forget towels.)

Fortunately, I had no specific goal for tonight. My first planned stop is for Saturday night in Elkhart, IN. Yahoo Maps says that from HP to Elkhart is 690 miles and will take 11 hours to drive. Mapquest says that from HP to Elkhart is only 662 miles, but will take 12 hours to drive. They both route me on the same way (I-80 all the way.) So as we ponder the inconsistency of technology, at least I know that I did have some wiggle-room on the two-day schedule. It's just that I'd hoped to spend the extra hours in the midwest, rather than home.

Wish us luck getting out of here!

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