Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation is Almost Here

Midnight, Thursday August 15, and we are fully into Vacation Preparation Mode. We are heading toward the Finger Lakes in New York State--first planned stop is Watkins Glen State Park. Last time we were at Watkins Glen was for the Watkins Glen Rock Festival in 1973. Just a couple of weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of that enormous event-- 600,000 music fans in the heat of July gathering to hear the Band, the Allman Brothers, and the Grateful Dead.

Now we return to the scene, having traded in our 1964 VW minivan for a 28-foot 1992 Jayco Eagle Motorhome. Looking at the photo, Joe doesn't look too different-- he was again in a long hair and beard phase last fall when we brought Samantha (Sam the Eagle, for you Muppet fans) home after spending our first night with her at Turkey Swamp State Park.

Anyway, the plan is to leave on Saturday. Looking forward to a mellow couple of weeks-- a lot less driving than we usually tackle. Lots of waterfalls and state parks. We are looking forward to relaxing!

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Aimee Sousa said...

woohoo!!!! Do you think there will be water in Watkins Glen THIS year?? *giggle* Have a great trip! Maybe you should update your home photo? Sam might prefer HER pic.