Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Two: We Arrive in Wisconsin

Aug 15, 2010
Well, my plan to upload at the next Ohio rest stop didn’t come to fruition—turns out that only the RV-slot travel plazas have Wifi. Oh well, now I’ll have two to upload when I get a chance!

Our day was lovely, and not quite as long and grueling as yesterday. We drove through western Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois turning right at Chicago and safely avoiding the worst of the Chicago-area traffic. But it all DID take a while; for some reason we seemed to stop at way more travel plazas than usual! We didn’t cross the Wisconsin state line until about 6 pm. However, we got here safely. The landscape has been beautiful—lots of green, and some very wide, empty Midwestern horizons. This is SO restful to the eye and to the soul. We both love driving through this kind of area.

We are camping tonight in Blue Mounds State Park, a lovely place just a bit south-west of Madison. We made it just at dusk, which meant we were able to find a nice fairly level spot before it became completely dark (being at the most western end of the Eastern Time Zone helped a lot! At least, that's where I *think* we are!) We parked, leveled the RV, hooked up the electricity, and we were settled for the night. Joe made a fabulous curried chicken for dinner.

Our plan for tomorrow is, I think, to head first for the House on the Rock. This sounds like a very eclectic place and is a AAA “Gem” attraction. It is about 30 minutes away from this park. And after that, we are not sure. We are now thinking of going to a waterpark after all…. The parks here sound fabulous, with waterrides which reach up to 40 mph! I’m thinking that could give you the worst wedgie ever; but there are other rides which look really fun and a bit tamer. We are also considering a zip-line attraction (there are TWO here), which was not on my original itinerary. Can you say “change of plans”? So as they say, our plans are set in jello. Which, in this kind of situation, is NOT a problem!

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