Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fast Update from Spring Green, WI

Aug. 17, 2010

We are having a wonderful time, but have not had ANY wifi until today. Unfortunately it seems that Blogger won't let me copy/paste my lengthy blog from MS Word into the blog. Sooooo.... no long blogs today! I will have to catch up somehow later.

We spent last night at Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville, WI, the home of Land's End. Went in the morning to Culver's, a cute fast food restaurant, to use the free wifi there. The wifi was fine but as i said, the blog didn't upload. We spent over an hour there, yuck! Then we headed north back toward Spring Green, where we also spent yesterday. We took two days to tour the House on the Rock, a totally amazing attraction. I can't really do it justice here--it took us probably 8 hours total to go through the whole thing. It reminded us of the Shelbourne Museum which we saw last year--rooms and rooms of eclectic collections of everything from dollhouses to carousel horses to old musical instruments to boats to firearms to cash registers to circus miniatures to almost anything you could possibly imagine! The house itself is built into the original rock, with an "infinity room" which is cantilevered out 210 feet long over the valley 150+ feet below. It was truly astonishing.

Now we are trying to decide about tomorrow, but meanwhile we're camped right on the Wisconsin River in Spring Green, an adorable little town which is heavily influenced by the work ofFrank Lloyd Wright. His home here, Taliesin, is a major attraction, which we haven't seen yet. The problem is that the tours are not too early in the morning and we are already "behind schedule" due to the huge size of the House on the Rock. I am thinking we will not make it as far as North Dakota after all... there is just too much to do in Wisconsin!

Mo has behaved quite well, although the refrigerator is being fussy. Joe has been fixing it; but we have also used our collapsible cooler when necessary. At least we grew up camping with a cooler and no fridge--it is not a deal breaker! Other small housekeeping chores have been quite easy to handle.

So that's about it--we are having a very lovely time and feel as if we've been away for a long time already. I do hope this blog uploads; and if not, check me on Facebook for brief updates!

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Reluctant Penguin said...

One doesn't want to think about cleaning all those windows on the 218' corridor... especially from the outside! Glad you are having a good time.