Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our First Day Of Vacation--Catching Up With The Blog

Hi everyone--

Joe figured out how I could upload my earlier blogs! So let's pretend I just left home, and here is how our trip has gone!

Aug. 15, 2010
Driving down I-80 in western Ohio, and everything seems just fine this morning, with a small exception. Our refrigerator doesn’t seem to be working. (Why do almost all my trip blogs start out with a malfunction report??) We are still in diagnosis mode; Meanwhile our perishables are in our collapsible cooler (always packed for just such an emergency) and needless to say, although it’s less convenient, we cut our teeth on camping with coolers and no refrigerator. So, no biggie, we will manage this.

Otherwise, our trip has gotten off to the usual kind of “ups and downs” beginning. Besides the refrigerator (which we didn’t determine was off until this morning—it WAS on when we left home!), we had traffic in NJ (a 30 minute delay!); and our CD player wouldn’t work; and a stinky black tank (mysteriously filled up during the winter?!) needed dumping. But otherwise it was a lovely day for a drive! Pennsylvania is still an unreasonably wide state (albeit very beautiful; someday we should take some photos of PA for this blog!) It requires too much time to get past; we didn’t get to Ohio until after dinner. This was partly due to our long stop at the first Flying J we came to, to dump the waste tanks, walk the dog, and fill the fresh water tank; and a 1-1/2 hour nap at a rest area. We’d probably have overslept (Joe was totally OUT) except Beth called my phone to tell me SHE GOT THE JOB! This is great news, and you can find out more about that directly from her.

Otherwise, our day was long but uneventful. We ate both lunch and dinner “out” (dinner at Applebee’s—I had scrip!) and were just determined to make it to central Ohio for the night. I wanted to make 500 miles (half the distance to Wisconsin); unfortunately I was just too tired to drive anymore by about 11:45 pm, and we stopped at about 475 miles instead. If we’d made it one rest stop farther on the Ohio Turnpike, we’d have had an electric hookup for only $15 for the night! But we really didn’t need that, and we slept for free among the trucks and next door to a big 5th wheel trailer with all 3 of its slides out. The weather has been really nice, other than a rainstorm for about 30 minutes last night in western PA. It was very cool overnight and we wouldn’t have needed the electric hookup for the AC in any case.

We left the rest stop at 8:15 this morning; Joey rebooted the CD player and it is now happy again, so we are no longer dependent on local radio stations for our travelling music. Ohio rest stops have wifi, so we will stop at one more (last stop on the Ohio Turnpike until the state line!) to upload this blog,and then be on our way again. We want to make it to Spring Green, WI, by tonight and begin REALLY having fun! But Joe would say, we ARE really having fun already; and that is the truth. Yay! WE’RE ON VACATION!!

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