Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Crisis Averted

Ann commented on my last blog that with 12 days to go, I need to come up with twelve things my true love gives to me before we leave. Well, today my true love solved the latest almost-crisis, which threatened to literally leave us stuck in our own driveway!

At 8:15 a.m. today I called Joe to say, "Ready to take Mo to the repair shop?" He says, in a rather frantic voice, "Forget it!! The batteries are both dead. Everything is dead. There's no electric power at all!!!!" I replied with the Understatement Alert comment of the week: "THAT isn't good!" He told me he'd call me later, that he was going to see if he could figure out what was wrong.

For anyone who wonders, this was majorly strange and Not Good. An RV has two full-size batteries, one to start the engine, and one to power the "house", i.e. all the lights, electric appliances, and anything plugged into the outlets. If either battery dies, it can be jumped from the other one, or from our portable battery jumper. For both to die is bizarre. Plus, the RV was plugged into "shore power"-- getting electricity from Joe's office via a long extension cord. How could the entire electrical system stop working overnight?

I went out to walk the dog with two conflicting thoughts: 1) We are buying a new RV this week; 2) we'll have to cancel the trip and stay home-- and there aren't any seats left at the "late" Rosh Hashanah services anymore!! BUT, when I got home, I got a call from my True Love, who said, "It's all fixed-- it was a blown fuse! I replaced it and everything is working again." We're still not sure how-- we had rain last night, and maybe there was some kind of power surge or lightning nearby? But a large fuse which affected the entire system was "totally melted", Joe said. Lucky we make sure to have lots of replacements for that sort of thing, and luckily, he is thoroughly familiar with how electric systems work.

Well, that's my hero! He fixes electrical systems, water systems, generators, valances, running lights, and installs back-up cameras. There is NO WAY I would ever do this trip with anyone else. So..."On the twelfth day 'til vacation, my True Love gave to me... a new fuse in our RV." Mo is now at the repair shop, and we await the verdict on the cruise control.


Steven said...

Wow! That would have caused my heart to skip a beat or two

Steven said...

Mo, where are you? You need to get our of the shop and on the road!

Reluctant Penguin said...

I always knew that Joe was a Man of Many Talents, but this is too, too, too much!!!