Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Week of Stress

Well, it's been a long and exhausting 9 days since my last post. Despite our hopes, Mo was not out of the shop by the end of last week. What we did hear on Tuesday was that some part(s) in the cruise control had basically died, and they were going to get replacements to fix it. We'd heard nothing about any progress by the end of the week, and while we tried to remain optimistic, it was definitely worrisome. So Joe called again on Monday, and was told that the parts were still not in, that it would take at least 3 days to get them! This is apparently due to Mo's age-- little parts for 1988-model cruise controls are hard to find.

We decided not to wait, and we went to collect Mo and bring her home. We figured that we had driven plenty without cruise control, and we can do it again. Unfortunately, though, when Debbie went to pick up Mo, we had another episode of the fuse blowing and the electrical system dying. This happened right in front of the repair shop, so two technicians were there to see what was going on. It was their opinion that there is a wire loose somewhere connected to the camera (the RV shut down when Debbie turned the lights and rear-view camera on to leave). Joe said he would "take a look", and when Deb drove home without the camera on (and with a new fuse), Mo ran fine. Today we moved her over to Joe's office again, so he could see if he can find the suspected loose wire. Of course, if he can't find it, then we have to ask, what IS causing this, and should we be delaying our trip until it can be diagnosed and fixed? At this point, a big box of replacement fuses seems to be a critical necessity!

So... with this uncertainty added to all the stuff we have to do to get out of here, our anxiety levels are going off the charts. We've started to put together the things that we need to get packed into Mo before we leave--the packing is greatly complicated by the fact that we have no front steps! The front porch is in mid-construction, and although the deck is complete, there is no way to get up and down without a ladder. Hence, we will have to haul everything out the back door and down the driveway to load the rig. And all the time we are worrying, will we really get out of here?

Stay tuned for the next installment. Only two more days to go!


Ann M. said...

So glad that Mo is home and getting packed. Can't wait to follow your trip across the country. Something I've always wanted to do but never have. Maybe I can get S. to take a month off.

Daniel said...

Good luck Mo! and joe and debbie too.

Steven said...

Updates! Updates! We need updates!

I assume no news is good news and Mo is on the road