Thursday, August 9, 2007

Introducing our cast of characters

Here's a photo of the star of our show: Mo, our 27' 1988 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow motorhome. We purchased Mo in October of 2004, and we've been nurturing her ever since. In fact, Joe's main hobby these days is RV repair and maintenance! But that's okay; we love Mo, and everyone needs a hobby, right?
Mo has about 45,000 miles on the odometer. She now has new tires, a new water heater (installed by Joe), and some cool gadgets, including a rear-view camera and fancy tire-pressure gauges (also installed by Joe.) We've had some issues with the electrical system, particularly the alternator, but all in all, we think Mo is ready to travel to California.
That's Roxy on the left. She thinks RV-ing is wonderful, and she will be travelling with us in September. Roxy is crate-trained at home, and from her perspective, Mo is just a great big crate that we all live in together. As far as Roxy is concerned, any day spent with us is a perfect day. And as far as we are concerned, any day spent with Mo is a perfect day. Can you blame us? Just look at the woods behind our campsite, and there's a stream directly behind where we are camping. What's not to love?

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