Sunday, August 19, 2007

Small Steps

Joe rescheduled Mo's appointment with the repair shop for tomorrow morning, so we had the weekend to get a few small things taken care of. Item one: new privacy curtain to go around the front of the truck cab to cover up the windows. I measured out the fabric, and discovered when I did so that the adhesive on the velcro I was going to use to hold them up actually becomes permanent if you apply heat with a steam iron. So I tried it, and it really worked! I had thought I would need to sew the velcro on, and had scheduled an afternoon this week to go up to use Betsy's sewing machine. But I finished the curtains completely last night. They look great. One job down. Item two: I spent some time collecting a lot of "highway songs" for my new "Movin' Right Along" mix. Songs like Goin' Mobile, Running on Empty, Life is a Highway, Thunder Road, Life in the Fast Lane, Call Me the Breeze, Holiday Road, and Vacation. Lots of iTunes downloads... gotta have the appropriate background music, right?

Meanwhile, Joe finished fixing the valance in the cab-over window. That is another thing off the list--that valance has been bugging me for a while now (it was falling off.) Neither of these things is big, and we could have managed our trip without them, but it's nice to know that they are handled.

Meanwhile, more items keep being added to our packing list, and I keep reading More info on various routes: take the southern loop around Indianapolis; 10 hours drive from Rapid City SD to Cody, WY; the east entrance to Yellowstone is closed today due to fires. I'm constantly collecting factoids which I hope will come in handy on the trip. Other people ask questions I didn't think to ask, but I learn stuff all the time. 12 more days to go!! Gotta get that cruise control fixed. I'm giving them until the end of the week, then I want my RV back.


Ann M. said...

Wow.. 12 days ... should come up with 12 days to leaving and my true love gave to me. :)

Hope you enjoyed my new blog posts. Let's see if I can get the last three biggies up before you get home.


Steven said...

I feel like I am going on this adventure with you