Saturday, August 11, 2007

All Systems Go? Not So Fast.....

Last month Mo spent a few days in the shop, having all kinds of preventive maintenance in preparation for our trip. However, I wanted to take her out to make sure that everything felt right, and that no new problems had cropped up (why is it that when you leave a vehicle at the mechanic, you get it back with a new problem?) So today we headed out for a "joy ride" up to the Delaware Water Gap and Old Mine Road, formerly the site of Harry's Farm. Harry was Joe's grandfather, who made the property into an idyllic resort on the Delaware River during the 1940's. The land there is still very special to our family, and despite the fact that the buildings were all destroyed by the US Government when it had plans to build the Tocks Island Dam, we love to visit the property and see the farm in our imaginations from time to time.

So off we went on a glorious day, and it turns out we were smart to make this little day trip. Mo's cruise control, which we used with no problem during our last excursion, now doesn't seem to be working. So now we need to get that fixed before we leave-- I am NOT driving across the country on interstates without being able to set the cruise control and relax. It is all too easy to find ourselves going 65 mph, and although that sounds fine in general, we think we will get significantly better mileage if we can stay at 55. For that, we need the cruise control to guard against an overly heavy foot on the gas pedal!
We stopped on the way to the farm to pick up Joe's sister Betsy. Betsy lives down a very narrow lane--we wanted to see if Mo could make it through the trees. Success!

A view of Betsy's lane from the front seat.

When we got to Old Mine Road, we found a place to pull off and park just past the site of Grandpa's farm. There were some old buildings still standing on this adjacent property, and we explored them a little bit. What a run-down mess, but all four of us (including Roxy) couldn't help imagining what it would be like to have a vacation home there. Joe says that the government would rent that part of the land to us for $1/year, if we would renovate it! I want to know, what constitutes renovation? If we rehabilitate the old dirt road we hiked down, so we can park Mo down there and spend the weekend, does that count? $1 seems like a great price for a permanent campsite on the shores of the Delaware River, doesn't it??

Betsy taking a photo of an abandoned building on Old Mine Road.

We hiked back up to Mo, and returned to Betsy's house via Route 46. Such a pretty road--right along the river, and so picturesque. Plus, we got to stop at a famous bit of Jerseyana-- Hot Dog Johnny's, in Buttzville, NJ (who could make this up?) All in all, a really delightful day, and useful. Looks like Mo will be in the shop again this week--our departure is only 20 days away! Mo parked at Hot Dog Johnny's.

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Ann M. said...

And who are you worried about with the heavy foot on the gas?

Great start to the blog.

1$/year? What a steal.. maybe you could make a clearing for more than just Mo but a few tents to follow you down to the Gap. Although I don't know if I do ground sleeping any more.