Monday, August 31, 2009

Leaving Mo Behind

August 31, 2009

Today was very sad for me--I had to leave Mo in Rhode Island and come home in a rented car with Roxy. It felt like leaving a member of the family behind.

Good Sam fixed us up with a tow truck at maybe 8:30 this morning; the truck arrived a few hours later. The delay was actually good, though, because I used the time to carefully pack up pretty much everything that I needed to take home, in case I had to rent a car and leave Mo. And that's exactly what happened.

Mo is now at a Ford Truck Center in Warwick, RI. I don't know that they will help, though--they were taken aback by the fact that the engine has a carburetor--they said they don't work on such old trucks much anymore! However they will check the electrical system, then try to find someone who does understand old engines. We are hopeful but not holding our breath. If we are VERY VERY lucky, maybe they will figure out this darn problem once and for all! (It bears noting that no mechanic has ever had the opportunity to figure it out, because it always fixes itself, so when the mechanic sees it, nothing is wrong anymore. Maybe this is our chance.)

Meanwhile, Enterprise sent a car to pick me up, they gave me a "discount" (still too expensive) for a very small, very uncomfortable car. I drove it back to Mo, and loaded all the packed up stuff, and the refrigerated stuff (lucky we carry a collapsible cooler with us!), and Roxy, into the very small, very uncomfortable car, and at 3:10 I sadly left my much-loved motorhome to hopefully be repaired. After a VERY tiring 5 hour drive (did I mention the car is uncomfortable? And the traffic on I-95 is awful... if we DO get to bring Mo home, we need to find another route!), Roxy and I are home.

It all seems very surreal. I want my RV back!!!


Reluctant Penguin said...

Sorry your trip ended on such a crummy note. The rest of it sounded like fun... even if I can't imagine travelling without an itinerary and reservations in advance!

Tom and Kathy said...

Hi: We got the word that you will be bringing your RV home from surgery on Friday.

We hope the transplanted organ works with out any additional visits to a Ford specialist.

Now you can complete the trip with a stop or two on the way home. Maybe enjoy the weekend?

We made a comment at the office this morning about how we like your writing. We read all of the blogs and enjoyed each one. The pictures were great.

Next adventure??

Kathy and Tom M

Kathy and Tom said...

So Mo didn't like what you fed it?
Lack of rest and too many hours on the road can cause that kind of mistake.

We never made reservations on the road. We knew what we wanted to see but as the day was ending Kathy would pull out the KOA directory and hope for the best. Sometimes good, some times really bad. Many nights in over flow areas.

We also never made a reservation at any of the national parks. Just pull up and say we're here.

We did wait in line once to get into Grand Canyon.

All is well that ends well?

Kathy and I are looking forward to your next adventure in RV'ing.

Kathy and Tom