Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where Do We Go Now??

Monday, August 17, 2009

We left our mountaintop campground around 9 a.m. Monday and headed for Vermont—other than that, we really were fairly clueless about what would come next. Uncharacteristically, I had let this vacation come up on us without a general plan of where to go and what to see. I also had no idea where we might camp, which was more worrisome this year because for the first time we were going away before Labor Day. So we drove up the NY State Thruway again until we reached Albany, and then peeled away toward Bennington, in the southwest corner of Vermont.

Without a definite destination, we didn’t bother with the GPS, which meant that when we crossed over the state line, we immediately got confused as to which road we should take. We went right through the center of Bennington, noting the very cute painted Moose statues and concluding that Bennington was having a “moose event” along the lines of Chicago’s famous Cows which we’d seen years before (a lot of cities seem to be doing this now—we saw seagulls in Ocean City, MD one year, and have heard about lots of other similar things.) As we left Bennington we still hadn’t stopped, and I was freaking out without maps, guides, etc. Fortunately we came to a Chamber of Commerce building and I yelled “Turn HERE!” Joe quickly fed and hydrated me (it was again stinking hot, and the humidity was obviously making me crazy), and I picked up just what I needed—a great tourist map, and a brochure full of campgrounds.

We decided at that point that the heat was doing us in. So we decided to stop early for the day. We found a lovely wooded private campground which which was right on a river. Our site was fairly secluded and we hooked up and immediately turned the AC on to cool off. Then we decided that we were going to check out the river. There was a small natural beach just a short walk away from our campsite, and I was so hot and miserable that I went right into the river!! This is so unlike me, but man, did that very cold water feel GREAT. We both sat in the water and let it numb us until our body temperatures felt normal again.

After that, we spent a quiet evening reading, and we went to bed early. And I didn't take a single photo all day!

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