Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not Good

August 30, 2009

Well, looks like the trip isn't over yet. The blog isn't over yet. I'm not home yet. Mo broke down again.

Symptoms, exactly like last Sunday. This time on I-95 at exit 2 in Rhode Island. Did you know you can sit at the side of the interstate in Rhode Island for almost FOUR HOURS and not ONE highway patrol car will come by???

Our Good Sam Highway Service found a tow truck an hour away, which came and towed us to a campground a mere 10 minutes away from where we broke down. And now we have to wait until tomorrow.

However, "we" now means just me and Roxy. Joe has gotten a lift to the train station in Westerly, RI, where an Amtrak train is supposed to arrive at 6:46 pm, and which will take him to Penn Station. From there, he'll take NJ Transit home. Meanwhile, Roxy and I are all alone here, and tomorrow morning (unless Mo suddenly decides to start up again like last monday) will deal with Good Sam, truck repair, and, possibly, depending on the prognosis, find a rental car and drive home. I just don't know.

This is NOT a good ending to our trip, I am NOT a happy person, and all in all, this sucks.


Tom and Kathy said...

Just read your last entry and totally understand how it sucks! Been there-Done that!

I could not figure out the time frame of Dr.Cohn arriving some place close to home to offer him ride from what ever train station.

Kathy and Tom M

Tom and Kathy said...

Oh boy! Sorry to hear about Mo's failure.
Best thing to do when you do get home is to get out a map and plan your next adventure.

We left a travel trailer in the middle of Iowa and got on the road again the next summer in a pick up camper.

Tom and Kathy M

Debbie and Joe said...

You never got your travel trailer back? How awful! It felt like leaving a loved one to leave Mo in Rhode Island today!

Thanks for the encouragement.

Tom and Kathy M said...

Seeing that you approved my commements sometime today.


kathy and Tom M said...

The trailer in the cornfield.

In mid Iowa I-80 is raised much higher then the corn fields. We hit this area where there was a warning of cross winds and I could feel them pushing our 20 foot travel trailer being pushed around like a toy.

Then an 18 wheller passed us on the left at a high speed and was very close to us adding to the probleme with the cross wind.

The next thing that we knew our trailer and station wagon were up on their right side wheels with the left side high off the highway.

All I could see out of the drivers side was sky and out the passager side I could see nothing but the shoulder of the road.

I put on what was a manual trailer brake control. The trailer broke away from its hitch, our right side tires blew out, the trailer rolled down a hill side. Our station wagon just kind of floated back to the roadway and stopped.

No one had a scratch! It was not my skillfull driving that did it.

The trailer was a total loss along with all of our clothes and camping gear that were in it. As it rolled over the holding tank emptied all of its contents into the trailer.
There was nothing in that thing that we wanted to salvage.

We got our tires fixed, had the towing hitch removed and drove back to New Jersey non stop except for pit stops and a few short naps.

Never again shall I pull a trailer!

The next summer we switched to a huge gas drinking crew cab pick up truck with the bigest engine chevy made and a pickup camper.

Almost every one that has ever RV'ed has at least one story.