Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Just in case anyone has been wondering:

As you can see from the preceeding blog entry, we DID get off just fine on our vacation. And we are still doing just fine, pooh pooh pooh. It's just that until tonight we had 3 campgrounds (plus the Walmart) in a row which did not have ANY internet connections!! And, I have not been writing, due to a combination of too much heat and humidity, too much desire to simply go to sleep, and a need to really "get away from it all." For a few days there, writing blogs seemed a lot too much like homework!

So that is why the blog has been empty until tonight, and is still so far behind. I am hoping to try to catch up, at least a little bit, before we leave here ("here" being a campground in Shelburne, VT) on Friday morning (we are planning to stay here for two nights--Shelburne has some VERY nice things to see!) and then, we will probably have to resort to Walmart again.

But we are having fun, and we are fine. So don't worry :)

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Ellory said...

It is hot and humid on the Cape too. Never been at Coast Guard Beach with it so hot. The Atlantic was surprising calm much to the dismay of Natan how wanted to go out in waves.

Off to the beach again today. Enjoy Shelburne.