Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Brief Update

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So at 10am this morning, Joe called Tim at Ford, and got the welcome news that the part had come in, they were working on Mo, and they thought they'd be done by tomorrow, or even the end of today! We were thrilled with the first good news we'd had in a week. After that, we enjoyed our morning at Ed's house, and Ed and I ran some errands before Joe and I packed up the car and left Floyd at around 2pm. Our ride was uneventful through beautiful green mountains.

The bad news was that when we called Tim at 4:30, Mo was not ready to go. And he is still are not sure if everything will be done by tomorrow--I get the impression that he sounded less hopeful and/or positive about it than he did on the phone this morning.

So our plan to pick up a minivan around noon and pack up to go remains in place. We are prepared to tweak our plans should we get lucky, but we are not counting on anything. And being so uncertain about tomorrow has pretty much deflated our hopes. We are watching TV and just vegging out in our hotel room now.

And that is about all there is to say about today.


k said...

It looks to us like you had one heck of a time hanging out in Floyd! Roxy could chase chickens and I saw lots of really good looking tomatoes!

Steve said...

Hang in there Debbie. If I can make it back from India, I know Mo will make it back too

Debbie and Joe said...

Sure hope you are right, Steve! Glad to hear you made it home.