Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Lazy Saturday in Floyd

Saturday, August 25, 2012

We had a very relaxing and lazy day today, and it was lovely. We woke up to gray skies and it's actually been kind of cold! This is a small issue, since I did not take any jeans or warm pants for either Joe or myself when I packed clothes and left the RV. However, we made do, and I did a laundry today so we have clean clothes again. We hung out during the morning, reading and not doing much. Breakfast was yummy homemade bread and melted cheese on fresh tomatoes, and Ed threw another bread dough together to rise.

In the early afternoon one of Ed's acquaintances, as musician whose music he'd played for us last night, stopped by for a voice lesson. So Joe and I gave them some space, sitting outside in the back yard and enjoying the weather, which finally had warmed up. Roxy had a wonderful time out there. She chased one of Ed's kitties (not too fast, and the cat was the clear victor in the race) and she is fascinated by the three chickens! She keeps going around the fence, and every so often gets very excited and bounces around the edge, barking at them. Then she got the idea to try to lift the bottom of the fence, at which point we had to find a piece of firewood to hold it down. She is just too smart for her own (and the chickens' own) good!

At 3 the voice lesson ended, and after tasting the newly baked bread, we drove into town again for an errand. Then Joe, Eddie and Roxy settled down on a sidewalk bench to chat, while I visited the little shops full of fascinating and unnecessary items which are tempting, but I resisted. It seemed that Ed knew half the people strolling past, or running the shops. He and Joe shmoozed and chatted and I took their photo--two old codgers on a bench, watching the world go by!

After that, we drove back to Eddie's and waited for Amelia to join us. Then we all went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant with local foods and other tasty delights. We chatted with our waitress (another of Ed's friends), who is building a new house in the round, made with 20 panels measuring 8' wide by 9' high. She showed us the photos--it was very interesting. She was another transplantee from New Jersey, as was the guitarist (and also the guy we'd met this afternoon on the errand which brought us into town.) It seems there are a lot of folks down here from the Garden State.

After a great dinner, we came back home, and the guys played their instruments (Joey brought his ukelele with him, and Ed of course had his guitar) and we had a singalong, just like old times. And now, it's time for bed! We are having a great time, and relaxing, and not thinking much about Mo--at least, I'm not. We are enjoying our visit to Floyd.

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Kathy and Tom said...

Even with an ill motor home it looks like the Cohn's are still smiling and having a good time. I had never heard of Floyd, VA and checked it out on Wikapidia. In 2000 it had a population of 432 and at one time was called Jacksonville.
It looks like a neat place to hang out!