Friday, August 17, 2012

The Night Before We Leave

Aug. 17, 2012

It has been a busy day for both Joe and me. Mo came home yesterday and we are now trying to dry out the cab overhead while packing clothes into the closets in the back. The mechanic is very happy with the state of our vehicle, and I am afraid that it would keep running forever but the house will fall off from deterioration and sheer age. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to spending the next two weeks living in our little vacation home on wheels.

Our newest addition is a new "traveling laptop". Our rugged laptop which has accompanied us on so many miles has finally died, and the new one arrived just 3 days ago. So along with the usual "leaving home" stuff, I am loading software (or trying to) into the new computer, and getting used to the keyboard. This blog is going up from "Len", the new Lenovo. It is a bit disconcerting to have NO "favorites" bookmarked, NO programs installed, etc. I sure hope I can make friends with this machine quickly.  Also, Blogger has changed their dashboard and it all looks a little bit different. I hope that they are correct that it is more user friendly!

And so the evening winds down.... packing, paying bills, washing dishes, finishing paperwork, and all the other things we do before departure. Hoping to leave by 10am, and heading for Harpers Ferry, WV for the weekend. I sure hope I can get my itinerary notes into here, or we'll be flying blind. But I guess that will just be part of the adventure.

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Kathy and Tom M. said...

We hope that you are on your way with all of your new electronics for a fun filled vacation.

I remember roofs that leaked on our travel trailer and pick up camper.

Keep caulking and moving on. The prices I see for motor homes are nuts!