Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation is coming!

Aug. 15, 2012

Well, we are looking to leave on our next adventure this Saturday, but as usual with the Deb-Joe-Roxy-Mo Team, all is not smooth sailing. Mo has been at the mechanic for a week, getting checked over. And there have been some fix-ups which have held back progress. Supposedly we will get Mo back tomorrow (Wednesday), which gives me, what? Two days to clean and pack?  Joe was doing lots of small repairs all winter, so I am guessing that there are a lot of small pieces of plastic and wire to be picked up before I can feel comfortable in there.

Plus there's the leaking issue--Joe started sealing up Mo's seams with Eternabond tape, but he hasn't had time to finish. Nothing like doing it all at the last minute, right?

Speaking of which, it is after midnight and I ought to be asleep. But I can't help being happy that I decided to post this brief blog--because I'd totally forgotten HOW to put up a blog. Plus Blogger has changed everything around, which means it all looks new. Maybe I'll have two minutes to play with this some more before the weekend.

Meanwhile, trip plans are more or less in place--we will be heading to West Virginia and Kentucky this time. I already have reservations for Saturday and Sunday nights in Harpers Ferry, WV. So.... let's just hope we really get out of here by then!

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Kathy and Tom said...

I forgot the url of your blog but Dr.Joe sent it to me. Kathy and I will slightly envy your trip but we'll tag along via your blog.

We hope you get under way on Saturday or before.

Have a wonderful trip!

Kathy M and Tom M