Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're On Our Way!

I thought we might never get out this morning—even though Joe finished all his paperwork by about 10am, I was far behind him. I have no idea why everything took so long, but we didn’t leave town until 1:15pm, after struggling to put air in our tires, and filling the gas tank. But we finally DID get out, which is all that matters.

The ride to Harpers Ferry KOA, in West Virginia, was uneventful but long. It’s only about 230 miles from home, but for some reason it took us 6 hours to get here—we arrived just after 7pm.  The Pennsylvania vistas were gorgeous, however, and Maryland was very pretty too (we left the interstate at Harrisburg and the road was lovely.)  KOA stands, in this case, for Keep On Adding more leveling blocks—our site in the woods is quite uneven and we used every one of our 30 Lynx blocks before Mo was on an even keel.

Joe and I are both exhausted, after getting less than 5 hours sleep last night (I was up until 2 doing paperwork and he was at the office until almost 3) and driving. We are happy to be away, and will probably get a slow start in the morning because we would like to do some housekeeping. Having Mo at the mechanic for so long until just before we left meant I had no time to come in here and clean. On the other hand, the engine ran so smoothly, and we think our gas mileage improved.

I am thinking maybe we will look for some place to access either the Potomac or Shenandoah River tomorrow—we crossed them both to get here, and they are just gorgeous in this spot where they converge. We saw some folks coming up from the river in bathing suits after what was obviously a day on the water, and that looked so nice! Also, the long bridge which crosses the Potomac has a sidewalk, and there is a pullout right nearby. It was so beautiful coming over, and I’d love to walk it before we leave this area.

I have just been told I have 5 minutes until dinner—steak, salad, and pasta. YUM!!   So I will post this and start relaxing!

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