Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday morning update

Thursday Aug. 23 (had to check online for the date--I am so confused!)

A quick update for those anxious to know the latest: we heard from Tim, the Ford service manager, this morning. They are working on Mo, but not sure if it will be done today. Everything is so old that every time they try to take off a bolt, it breaks from the rust, and has to be drilled out. I am hoping for the best, and revised our itinerary based on the optimistic notion that we will get Mo back tomorrow and be able to continue on our trip.

At the moment, we are relaxing in our hotel room. Joe is reading a largish book, and I am going to go use the treadmill in the exercise room and then take a swim. Roxy, who is driving us nuts barking at every thud and every person who walks past our door, is mercifully napping in a sunny spot on the floor and the quiet is wonderful! I guess some folks do hole up in hotels on vacation.... not our usual style, but for now it beats the heck out of a car dealer's customer waiting room, or the side of the road! So we will survive.

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Bobbie said...

I've still got most of the movable parts of my body crossed. Hope this gets settled soon (for the best, of course) so I can untwist myself before I freeze in place! Love you both!