Monday, September 17, 2007

Eastern Utah

We came over a rise in the road, and an incredible vista spread out before us, as far as the eye could see. Joe's comment was, "What planet IS this??"

And then, the conversation in the car went something like this:
“Look to your right!” “Oh my gosh!!” “Look to your left” “WOW!!!!” “Holy cow!” “Oh my gosh!!” “OH WOW!!” “This is INCREDIBLE!” “Oh, look over THERE!!!” “Take a picture, take a picture!” “This is UNBELIEVABLE!!” “Oh wow…. Oh wow…. OH WOW!!!” “THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!”

Also: “There’s a “view” coming up!” “Pull over! Pull over!” “OH MY GOSH!!” “There’s another view coming up!” “OH MY GOSH!” “We are NEVER going to get to a campground, here comes ANOTHER view” “Pull over! Pull over!!” “JUST LOOK AT THIS PLACE!!!”

And after the sun went down: “Oh my gosh, just look ahead!” “Thank goodness, it’s too dark to take any more pictures!!” “LOOK AT THIS CANYON!!” “Oh my GOSH!!!”

We ended up stopping for the night in Green River. We are still an hour or more from Moab. What can I say? It’s the fault of the people who built Interstate 70. They put it in a terrible spot. Instead of being delayed by traffic, you get delayed by scenery! I warn everyone who travels this road, add at least an hour to your estimated drive time.

These photos are awful. It was already getting dark. The exposures aren’t great. There’s no WAY to do the road justice. But here is the really amazing thing: this area is evidently “nothing special”! It is not a national park. It isn’t a state park. It is “only” the roadside scenery along the Interstate highway! Can you believe it is even going to get better than this??? I am so excited.

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Steven said...

And now you see why we love Moab, Arches, and Canyonlands.

Make sure you do some sunrises and sunsets by the Arches....

Been wondering what your plans are for Yom Kippur?

Love to you both