Sunday, September 2, 2007

A New Morning

Sept 2, 8:30 a.m.:

We are at a Meijer SuperCenter about 30 miles from the Indiana border, after spending the night in our third Flying J of the day. Mo has been running great, with mileage exceeding our hopes and expectations. That is the good news. The annoying (as opposed to bad) news is that our fresh water tank got skanky over the summer, and we didn't think to check it. So we have stopped to empty the water, clean out the tank (i.e. refill it with new water and vinegar) and later on we will have to empty it and refill it again.

The other annoyance is that sometime over the summer, the cab overhead must have leaked. So we are taking the bed apart to dry it out while we drive. We'll pick up some caulking here at Meijers, and maybe get a chance to touch that up on the trip if necessary. But today's weather report is another gorgeous day in the 80s, and same for tomorrow.

We are about 4 hours behind schedule because of our late start and my overoptimistic hopes anyway. So our original itinerary remains the same--we are heading for the Badlands in SD, but I suspect it will take us a day longer to get there.

Meanwhile, though, we are having fun, we slept well, and mechanically we are in good shape. And we've discovered a free wifi--so what could be bad? (Wonder if Meijers always has free wifi....)

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