Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kamping Kabin Kommunique

So here I sit on the porch of my little Kamping Kabin, as the KOA calls it, with my dog and about 327 flies. The KOA must be well aware of this, since the Kabin is supplied with beds to sleep 5, a shelf, a chair, a broom, and a fly swatter. This comprises the sum total of every item in the Kabin--oh wait, there are also 6 pegs to hang your clothes on. However, the Kabin DOES have air conditioning... and like the rest of the campground, it has wifi. Under the circumstances, I feel lucky.

Joe, meanwhile, is across the river in Sioux City at Sioux City Ford. Their service dept opened at 7:30 a.m. By 9:00 Mo was checked in and being evaluated for what is almost certainly a problem with either the carb or the fuel pump. I can't say enough about Good Sam ERS, and about the towing service they sent us, which arrived in under 30 minutes yet again. Luckily we had gotten up early and packed everything we need in case we are stuck here overnight without Mo: all our food in a cooler; changes of clothes; dog accessories; our grill, some paper plates, and flatware; and our bedding. I am also provided with a lounge chair, a book, a camera, my mp3 player, computer, sudoku, and a nice breeze on a beautiful day. All in all,i am probably more physically comfortable than Joe, who is spending the day in a Ford service waiting room with Harry Potter. On the other hand, I suspect he isn't battling flies.

I'm sorry I can't add a photo of the Kabin to this blog at the moment--I neglected to save the card reader to download the photo. But I did add a photo of our Mississippi River crossing to the appropriate blog. I'll try to add more photos, as per a request I received, when we are all back in one piece again.

Meanwhile, we wait patiently.

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Steven said...

I checked in the middle of my night and saw you had broken down.

Keep up your spirits. Mo is in good hands

Love to you both