Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Joe Cooks Breakfast

It is now 9:15, and we've been up since about 7:30. We are waiting for a call from the Ford people, and if we don't hear from them by 9:30, Joe will call. Meanwhile, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do about our food!

I am kicking myself that I didn't think of asking the campground owners if we could borrow a little space in someone's freezer. But instead, we bought a new bag of ice, and we had one of those little blue freezer thingies, and I packed all our stuff into our cooler. I was so proud of myself that before we left home, I bought 2 packages of kosher hot dogs, and a couple of pounds of hamburger meat, which Bobbie made into patties and froze separately for me. We ate burgers the night we got here, and everything else (including a couple of chicken breasts) was frozen solid when we packed them up yesterday morning in the cooler.

Originally I was imagining hot dogs for dinner last night, and hoping the rest of the stuff could go back in the freezer. But in the evening we realized that several of the burgers were softening up. So, we had them for dinner (we had brought our grill over to our kabin), and buried all the other, mostly still frozen meat into the ice as best we could. By today, though, it is almost all defrosted, leading to the decision of what to do next. The decisions were complicated a little bit by the fact that we grabbed a few eating utensils and one large knife, but no bowls, no frying pans, and no spatula, despite having a grill!

We were originally planning to have egg salad sandwiches this morning (no pans to make fried eggs), but Joe, being the magic chef, changed his plans. He took 4 of the defrosted burgers, and made them into two "nests". He grilled them, and while they were cooking, he broke an egg into each one and cooked them that way! We didn't have our salt and pepper, but we did have some turkish salad, which made a wonderful garnish on top. Altogether, it was a much heavier breakfast than I am accustomed to eating, but we "saved" four more burgers from pure spoilage (I guess I'll have cereal for breakfast, LOL!) The idea of all that food going bad makes me so sad; the hamburgers, especially, were fabulous (thanks, Bobbie!!) and it is a shame not to be able to eat them rare, hot off the grill. But this is just another side effect of Mo's health issues, I guess. Meanwhile, Joe had a great time being creative, and I will upload a photo of him, and our breakfast, to this blog when I am reunited with my card reader.

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Steven said...

Joe's creative breakfasts. How I miss them.