Friday, September 7, 2007

A Pause in the Action

I'm sitting here waiting in Mo while Joe is looking for a small item in an auto parts store and guess what, it's a hot spot! So I can't resist posting. We are in downtown Hot Springs, which looks like a lovely town with some really nice stores that unfortunately aren't open at 9:30 a.m. Oh well, I will find some souvenirs someplace, I am sure! When Joe comes back, we are heading for the Mammoth Site, a place with a large excavation of mammoth fossils. This entire area is rich with fossils, and we are going to explore mammoths and dinosaurs. It is a gorgeous sunny day, in the 70's-- just right to meander through the Black Hills. Maybe we'll run into "a young boy named Rocky Raccoon".


Mickey said...

Glad to see you're moving along. Deb, I had to chuckle about Rocky Raccoon. Who else but you would make the connection? (Well maybe me on a good day.)

Steven said...

Awesome! We are there with you in spirit. We are headed to Wilson's Promonotory today ( ). Southernmost point on continental Australia - and ancient landbridge to Tasmania

PS What does Mo need now?