Sunday, September 2, 2007

Internet Connections

This connection seems to be great, but Joey says it is coming not from the Meijers but from the restaurant next door. Which means I don't know when I'll catch another one. Also, my email account isn't loading (too many emails in my box???) so if you are writing to me, I may be late in responding--don't take it personally!


Sukki said...

Wow, day two and you're in Indiana already???? I'd say you're doing very well! I didn't know the RV had a name. Wherefore frometh Mo? (I never learned archaic grammar). What road are you on - is it 90 or 94? Keep up the good work!

Sukki said...

(In case you didn't know, sukki is Sheila).

"Coast-to-Coast driving is my pathetic life"